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Our services

Every Aspect of Manhattan Residence

  1. Apartment rentals for businessmen assigned to the U.S. from abroad

  2. Sales/purchase brokerage of residential units 
      a. Property selection 
      b. Contracting 
      c. Closing

  3. Management of investment properties 
      a. Rent collection 
      b. Payment of expenses 
      c. Bookkeeping 
      d. Remittance of draw 
      e. Insurance coverage 
      f. Others)

  4. Property maintenance and refurbishing 
      a. Property inspection 
      b. Property repair and maintenance 
      c. Property renovation)

  5. Consultation and Advice 
      a. U.S. market research 
      b. U.S. Tax return support 
      c. Inheritance consultation) 
            i. We have a team of specialized tax law attorneys and accountants 
           ii. Establishment of living trust 
          iii. All other associated legal agent activities

  6. Search and brokerage of commercial and residential properties in suburban New York through our vast network

Management of Investment Properties

To the off shore investor, it is essential to have a reliable management company.

We are not only totally reliable, the management team has to be professional in many phases with different tasks carried out smoothly, maintaining profitable operations.

At R.O.S.E. our expert management team is well known by investors internationally.

Some of our services include:

  • Collection of Rent -- Rent and electric charge collection

  • Expense Payment -- All expense payments including bank loan and real estate tax

  •  Accounting Work -- Monthly profit and loss statements and annual reports for tax purposes

  • Owner Draw -- Quarterly remittance to designated account

  • Consultation -- Market research, arrangement of C.P.A./lower as needed

  • Other -- Annual financial report to the investor’s accountant


Physical Maintenance of Properties


As a part of property management, the physical maintenance of property is essential.

At R.O.S.E., our background as a general construction company comes very handy in this regard, with a full in-house staff in each category of maintenance work available for your needs at any time. What this means is faster, on time and less costly maintenance of your valuable investment.


This service is generally very hard to come by.


Painting, floor sanding and waxing, bathroom and kitchen repair.

Dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave oven, washer and dryer, air conditioner, heating, etc. repaired and cleaned and maintained in-house.

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