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New York apartment rental condominium sales

Our Proud History

Our historical organizational affiliation with Haseko Real Estate in Japan enhances our unique business as an International Real Estate Organization. This affiliation and international presence allows us to outperform other real estate firms in several ways, notably:

  • Planning, execution and follow up on virtually all phases of complicated real estate rental or sales activities

  • Problem solving and troubleshooting services for our investors who are based either domestic or overseas

  • Sophisticated consulting services for managing even the most complex financial arrangements including inheritance planning and trust establishment utilizing our team of certified accountants and attorneys specialized in U.S. – Japanese legal, taxation and inheritance affairs

In addition to all of the above, our services and network span the full spectrum of real estate expertise including commercial and residential properties in urban as well as suburban settings. 


As a discriminating client, we’re certain that you’ll find our services a “just fit” for any of your demanding needs.

New York apartment rental condominium sales
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New York apartment rental condominium sales

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